Amazon seller account suspended appeal

Does your account get suspended? Do you want to activate it again? Are you looking for an Amazon seller account suspended appeal? My sympathy is with you if you have been suspended. Really, it is a very annoying condition for the seller, if your account gets suspended. The source of income is totally stuck and a lot of time also gets wasted.

Amazon is very strict for its rules and policy, Amazon is known for its flawless service to the customer, that is why it does not tolerate any seller if he violates any rule. But no worry mistake is the genuine thing in a person. If you also did any mistake. Don’t get worried.

Amazon gives an opportunity to reinstate your account. Only you have to follow a proper procedure of reinstatement and you need to write a proper appeal letter.
Here we will tell you the proper procedure of reinstatement you need to follow step by step

Step 1: Receive a suspension letter send by Amazon and read it very carefully and know the reason for suspension.

Step 2: Accept your mistake. Don’t ever blame others for your suspension. Write an appeal letter describing your plan of action in it. Then send it to Amazon.

Step 3: Now, Amazon to reply. Amazon will reply in two or three days. If the letter is accepted then start selling your product again. If it is not granted then you need to do some improvement to your appeal letter.

Our services: We are an eminent company and our team has a specialization in providing amazon appeal service. so if you want to get back your account activated we have a team of amazon law experts who know the strategy to get back account activate so what are you waiting for? Contact us by dialing our toll-free number. I ensure you your account will be reinstated very soon in the first attempt.

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