Amazon Seller Account get banned from amazon

Amazon is one of the most growing online businesses throughout the world seller has a golden opportunity to grow in Amazon but it is just like a nightmare for the seller if a seller wakes up in the morning and finds that his selling privileged has been removed or his Amazons seller account deactivated. Actually, Amazon is very strict about its rules and guidelines. It does not tolerate any seller violates the rules and guidelines of Amazon. Being a seller you should be very careful during listing the product and selling the product otherwise your account gets banned from amazon.

Let us know the reason for Amazons seller accounts deactivated:
Selling fake product: Being a seller if you are found to sell a fake product then your account may be deactivated before listing the product on Amazon check it very carefully.

Handling multiple accounts: Amazon strictly prohibited of handling multiple accounts if you are found to handle multiple accounts then Amazon suspends your account for handling multiple accounts you need to take exceptional permission from Amazon.

Disobey the rule: Read carefully the rule and policy of Amazon follow them strictly your one mistake can completely deactivate your account.

Selling used: If you are found to selling used items from your Amazon account. Amazon will suspend your account so check carefully before listing it should be new not unused.

Maintain your Amazon metric rate:
You need to maintain the metric rate by evaluating overall performance maintain these metric are follows:
Order rate
Pre-fulfillment cancel rate
Late shipment rate
Negative return feedback rate
Late response rate

From the above blog, you have understood behind the reason for deactivation you have to be very careful to avoid deactivation. We are human being mistake is a common thing if you commit any mistake and your account suspends then no need to worry we have Amazon lawyer experts in specialization in remove deactivation. Contact us by the toll-free number we are always available for you.

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