Suspected intellectual property violations

Amazon is one of the fastest growing online businesses all around the world and it is keep growing continuously. Most of the seller account get suspends or selling privileged has removed due to suspected intellectual property violations.

What is actually an Intellectual property violation?
Intellectual property violation is a complaint against the seller if the seller is found selling a similar product to any other seller. The other seller may file an intellectual property violation against you.
Intellectual-property violation violated because of these 3 categories:
1-Copyright: Copyright protects ideas such as written work, music, architectural drawing or even programming code.
2-Trademark: Trademark protects the name words, phrase, symbol, sound and design which is identified source goods or service. Trade dress in a sub part of the trademark which is appearance and the image is of the product in market place packaging and labeling are exists in trade dress.
3-Patent: protect the idea of invention and technologies.

What will you do if someone filed an IP complaint on your Amazon account?
Here we will tell you what to do if any competitors file a complaint against you. There are a few conditions when you can face an IP complaint. Then you need to contact buyers who have a complaint against you. Tell him that you have taken his complaint very seriously and your lawyer is looking into these matters. And show him the invoice that you have bought that product from real authorize and you have not violated any intellectual property violation. Request him to withdraw he complaint.

From the above article, you have understood what intellectual property violation is? How to avoid it? If you think complaints are baseless, then you need to contact the owner and give them proof that you are not violating then he will withdraw his claim. But If you found that the claim is legitimate then you need a proper plan of action and appeal letter. If you will write on your own, the improper procedure can suspend your account. So it is better to take help from any professional. Pick up your mobile phone and dial our toll-free number. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. If you don’t get satisfied we will make your refund.

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